Press Releases & Economic Releases for 2018

Economic Releases

17 April 2018 Decline in squash and giant taro lowered total agricultural exports
Agricultural Exports Volumes
11 April 2018 Monthly Economic Review for February 2018
6 April 2018 Higher commodity prices over the month

20 March 2018 Vehicle registrations fell over the month
Vehicle Registrations
20 March 2018 Business loans push credit growth for festive season
Banking Sector Developments
19 March 2018 Higher import payments leads to deficit in overall balance
Overseas Exchange Transactions
16 March 2018 Lower agricultural export reflects ends of squash season
Agricultural Export Volumes
16 March 2018 Monthly Economic Review for January 2018

22 February 2018 Lower business containers during the month
Container Registrations
22 February 2018 Headline inflation hits the Reserve Bank’s target rate
21 February 2018 Housing loans remain a strong driver of credit growth
Banking Sector Developments
16 February 2018 Monthly Economic Review for December
2 February 2018 Remittances slowed lead by a fall in Receipts from Recognised Seasonal Employers (RSE) workers
2 February 2018 Lower import & primary income payments raised surplus
Overseas Exchange Transactions

31 January 2018 Squash and agricultural export volumes, highest on record since 2013
Banking Sector Developments
26 January 2018 Households continue to be the main driver of credit growth
Banking Sector Developments
25 January 2018 Receipts for construction related activities drove the remittance trend
25 January 2018 Overall balance yields a surplus on higher telecommunications services receipts
Overseas Exchange Transactions

22 January 2018 Monthly Economic Review for November
16 January 2018 Rise in new registrations due to higher taxis and rental vehicles registered
Vehicle Registrations
11 January 2018 Lower international arrival and departure
International Arrivals & Departures
11 January 2018
Higher imported food, tobacco, and fuel prices drove higher headline inflation
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