The total number of new vehicles registered in November 2017 decreased by 55 registrations (16.7%) to a total of 274 vehicles compared to a total of 329 registered last month. The decline in the total number of vehicle registrations was due to a fall in all vehicle categories registered during the month. Read more in the Vehicle Registration report for November.

In December 2017, the total Overseas Exchange Transaction (OET) receipts rose by $14.2 million (25.89%) to $69.3 million. This was attributed mainly to higher remittances and private capital transfer receipts. Find out more in the Overseas Exchange Transactions report for December 2017.

As expected, the total agricultural exports volume in November declined by 904.1 tonnes (25.1%) due to the end of the squash season. The volume of squash exports fell by 751.1 tonnes (26.2%) to a total of 2,114.1 tonnes over the month, of which, Tongan squash exports fell by 761.2 tonnes (27.6%) followed by a 24.8 tonnes (77.4%) fall in exports of Butterkin squash. Read more in the Agricultural Exports Volumes report for November.

While the outlook is promising in the years ahead as projected by the Reserve Bank in its August 2017 Monetary Policy Statement, this growth outlook is affected by the Tropical Cyclone Gita. The level of foreign reserves is also expected to remain at comfortable levels supported by expected higher receipts of remittances and foreign aid. 

The total container registrations slightly declined over the month by 20 containers (2.0%) to 1,005 registrations. However this level remained higher than the average number of containers recorded in the same month of the past 5 years. Read more in the Container Registrations Report for November.

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