Release of the 2020 Series $50 Banknote

The Public is hereby notified that the National Reserve Bank of Tonga will release into circulation its 2020 series of $50 banknote bearing the signatures of the Prime Minister Pōhiva Tu’i’onetoa, Minister of Finance Tēvita Lavemaau and Governor of the Reserve Bank Sione Ngongo Kioa.

This 2020 top-up series holds the same security features and design elements of the 2015 King Tupou VI Coronation Banknote Series with the following amendments:

1) Updated Signatures on the Front side of the $50 Banknote

2) Coronation Text Removed on the Reverse side of the $50 Banknote

Here are some of the key security features to look out for:

1. When you feel the note – the new banknotes have the characteristic raised print on the areas such as the title ‘Kingdom of Tonga’ and the note value.

2. When you tilt the note – the thread on the 50 pa’anga shows as a window on the front of the banknote but as a more solid silver on the back of the banknote showing the national medal.

3. When you hold the note up to the light, you will see the watermark portrait of His Majesty King Tupou VI with a lighter area reading ‘NRBT’

4. Looking at the shiny thread on the 50 pa’anga there is a much wider silver thread that shows as a solid line together with images of the national medal and the text ‘TONGA’ along the sides when held up to the light.

2020 Series

The release date of the 202 Series $50 Banknote is scheduled for the 28th June 2021.

The general public is hereby reminded that all KING GEORGE TUPOU V Banknote Series will remain in circulation and will co-circulate with the current 2015, 2018 & 2020 KING TUPOU VI Banknote Series.

Old recalled $50 banknotes depicting the portrait of His Majesty King Taufa'āhau Tupou IV and all $1 banknotes can be redeemed for the same amount at the National Reserve Bank of Tonga.


National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Fasi mo e Afi

Telephone: (676) 24057
Fax: (676) 24201

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