Reserve Bank warns public on the “Tonga Financial Services Authority” website

It has come to the notice of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga (NRBT) that a fake website in the name of “Tonga Financial Services Authority” (TFSA) has been created with the URL https://tfsa.to/ by some unknown person(s). The home page of the website contains the Tongan coat of arms and the NRBT’s building and appears to be claiming that the TFSA undertakes the responsibilities of the NRBT. This includes references to the TFSA as being responsible for the oversight, supervision and regulation of Tonga’s financial sector. It also contains false information such as references to Tonga as a Republic and the TFSA monitoring and regulating seven banks in Tonga, as well as references to the Financial Institutions Act’s approval date and authority.

Members of the public are hereby reminded that pursuant to the National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act, the NRBT is the sole authority responsible for the licensing, supervision and regulation of financial institutions in Tonga, as stipulated further under the Financial Institutions Act (now renamed as the Banking Act 2020), Foreign Exchange Control Act 2018, Microfinance Act 2018 and the Moneylenders Act 2018.

The NRBT warns members of the public to exercise caution while accessing or when providing any information on this fake website, or other websites that may appear similar to the website of the NRBT.


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