Container Registrations rise over the month of September

Container Registrations
May 2015
      Release date:
30 June 2015

  Sep 15 Aug 15
Jul 15
Jun 15

Total 753 607 669 1,072
Business 455 378 382 599
Private 303 229 287 473

Registrations rise over the month

The total number of container registrations increased by 24.1% to 753 containers. Both private and business container registrations rose over the month. The increase could possibly indicate preparations for Christmas and the upcoming festive season similar to monthly September movements over previous years. The increase in registrations coincides with a 35.0% rise in monthly import payments. Over the year, the total number of container registrations rose by 17.6%. This could potentially be a result of high economic activity over the year due to special events but is also evident of a lively informal sector (roadside stalls and fairs). This is supported by annual increases in private container registrations as well as import payments.

The NRBT expects imports and consequently container registrations to generally increase in 2015/16. New commitment loans for business and housing have recently increased which supports this projection. Furthermore, liaison discussions with the construction and transport sector expect more imports due to high demand. On-going projects such as the construction of the St. George Palace and renovations of the Tanoa Hotel are anticipated to contribute to the rise. Spillover effects on the trade, tourism and construction sectors are also expected.


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