King Tupou VI unveiled Tonga's New Family of Currency

His Majesty King Tupou VI, launched the Kingdom of Tonga’s new coronation currency series on 29th June 2015 at the Fa’onelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa. The new coronation currency consists of a new series of coins to replace the old coins and new banknotes with advanced security features.

NRBT PR 30Jun15The Privy Council approved to change the portrait from His Majesty the late King George Tupou V to His Majesty King Tupou VI effigy on the banknotes with slight changes to the design and paper to improve the quality and performance of the banknotes. The colour of the banknotes is slightly darker to prevent the notes from being soiled quickly. Security features were also updated to strengthen the resiliency of the banknotes to counterfeit. These include increasing the width of OPTIK thread from 2mm to 3 mm in the $2 to $20 and from 3mm to 18mm in the $50 to the security level in the $100 banknote.

Among the major changes to Tonga’s coronation currency series is the discontinuance of the 1 and 2 seniti and coining of the 1 pa’anga. Both the new notes and coins depict the portrait of His Majesty, King Tupou VI with the exception of the 1 pa’anga coin which depicts the portrait of His Majesty, the Late King George Tupou V.NRBT PR 30Jun15 2NRBT PR 30Jun15 3

The new family of coins consists of 5 coins featuring designs, themes and concepts that reflect Tonga’s history, culture, economy and heritage. These are reflected on the introduction of the Milolua on the 50 seniti, Kalia on the 20 seniti, the world’s rarest and smallest megapode Malau on the 10 seniti and the Heilala flower on the 5 seniti. The sizes of the coins are now thinner, smaller in size and lighter in weight. Launching of Tonga’s new coronation currency series is truly a historic event that marks the Kingdom’s first coinage reform in almost 50 years.

Features of Tonga's new coronation currency series
Denominations Obverse Theme Colour
Banknotes New New  
$100 King Tupou VI's image Vava'u Harbour Cherry red and white
$50 King Tupou VI's image Royal Palace Light green and yellow
$20 King Tupou VI's image NRBT Building Brown
$10 King Tupou VI's image Royal Tomb Blue
$5 King Tupou VI's image Ancient 'Otu Langi Purple
$2 King Tupou VI's image Whale Watching Light Red
$1 King George Tupou V's image Coat of Arms Gold
50¢ King Tupou VI's image Milolua Silver
20¢ King Tupou VI's image Kalia Silver
10¢ King Tupou VI's image Malau Silver
King Tupou VI's image Heilala Silver

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